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Tips to Motivate your Employees

Tuesdays with TransitionsWhat are the top 10 tips?

Tip #1: Act as a role model and inspire employees to identify what they are passionate about at work. Then provide them with some projects in their area of passion or interest. A happy employee is a motivated employee!

Lisa PhilpTip #2: Clearly define the organization’s vision, mission and strategy as well as the goals and objectives. When a team doesn’t know WHERE the practice is going, WHY it is relevant or HOW to get there, chaos ensues and flat line growth occurs.

Tip#3: For their clarity, involve employees in the goals and objectives about the measurements and key performance indicators, so they will connect themselves to the success of the practice.

Tip #4: Empower your employees by taking the time in meetings to have the team celebrate their own WINS of progress and express what excites them now and in the future. Every small WIN leads to momentum.

Tip #5: Provide learning and growth opportunities for the team and they will begin taking on projects and more meaningful work. Employees want to work for purpose as much as money.

Tip #6: Encourage each employee to enhance their own self-awareness and maximize energy that drives productivity and efficiency, with measurable results and tools for problem solving.

Tip #7: Support a culture that everyone has a unique ability and, when used to create action, they can live their skills, talents, gifts and strengths.

Tip #8: Ask the daily question out loud: “What can each of us (I) do today that will be 1% better than yesterday?” The compound effect of each person focusing on individual improvement is a massive output of results. 1+1=3

Tip #9: When implementing behavior change, give employees the confidence to try something new with knowledge, skill training and the freedom to practice what they have learned with no fear of disapproval and failure.

Tip #10: Monitor the progress of your employees towards accomplishing their goals. Then provide rewards to reinforce positive behavior, in front of peers or other rewards that don’t cost a lot but are meaningful to the person. That which is rewarded…is repeated.

Lisa Philp

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