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Thrive in the New Normal of Dentistry

What new challenges are you willing to face every day to ensure continued growth and prosperity for your business? Who are the key players on the team that determine the success of your day?

These are all unconscious questions that you probably ‎ask yourself on a regular basis. However, unconscious competence begins with mastering conscious competence first.

The best way to define conscious competence is to break it down into simple terms.

When a child learns to tie their shoes for the first time, it appears to be a grueling activity. Right over left, left over right, loop, pull and…repeat.

The conscious repetition begins to create a pattern that with time, will evolve into unconscious competence. Eventually, the child will be able to tie their shoes with their eyes closed.

The same holds true with everything we have mastered in life.
The key to continued growth and mastery is to recognize when a pattern is no longer getting us the result we want and having the fortitude to interrupt the old pattern and change our approach.

Success always leaves clues and the answer to your deepest questions are now available at the push of a button.

However, some questions are best answered by the experts.
People who live in your world and specialize in creating foolproof blueprints for your dental practice success.

Our industry is once again entering into a downturn. Patients are more educated than ever before and the competition is growing exponentially.

The cohesiveness between the ‎dentist and the team is more important than ever. The relationship between the hygienist and the dentist is critical in determining overall practice success.

There are rules and tools to assure momentum and growth within a practice.

Lisa Philp and Kathleen Bokrossy have designed a program that speaks directly to the needs of these relationships and how to effectively optimize the partnerships within the practice.

We invite you to be part of this experience. We are counting down the days to our Calgary and Halifax visits, register now, so you don’t miss out! We will be visiting the rest of Canada and moving into the US later in the year.

Don’t miss this one-day investment of your time and energy; a day that will give you the competitive advantage to thrive in the new normal.

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