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Webinars Can Serve as a Useful Online Dental Marketing Tool

A research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) in 2013 revealed that webinars are the third most effective online marketing tool. Webinars can deliver real-time content and engage the interest of the…

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5 Ways to Attract New Patients to your Practice

Modern vector template for your business project

The Dawsob Academy

The Dawson Academy Introduces New Curriculum on Emerging Health Care Services in Dentistry

The Dawson Academy introduced a new curriculum based on emerging health care services for dentists during a live webinar Wednesday, Nov. 28. The Dawson Academy introduced a new dental continuing education curriculum based…


CLOG – Digital literacy enables you to learn by and from example!!

This is an endo related post. For those who are upset about my antipathy towards single file endodontics, rest assured, it will not be referenced, nor should you take away any sense that…

USA - Politics - Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity

Take five with – fill in the blank Wonderful effort by Dr. Marty Jablow…..imagine if OH or the CDA created such a channel and used it to chat up dentistry across the country….spectacular addendum to the elearning section of Oral…

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Force the issue! DEMAND knowledge networks!! You are the POWER!!!

Please read this article on the concept of  ONLINE IVY UNIVERSITIES. The next time a company invites you to a product-centric webinar, answer them thusly:  “Critical thinking and comprehensive care are the sine…

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Dental XP – the epitome of sharing and caring Ed McLaren is coming to Burlington, Ontario soon – man truly gets sharing and caring – Downloads and links – check it out………..brilliant! This one is from one of the…


Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour – think your next website   Hungering to get a closer look at Panem’s Capitol city or for more behind-the-scenes details from the eagerly anticipated “The Hunger Games” movie? Microsoft has teamed up with Lionsgate studio to create…

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Adobe Labs Downloads

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta – If you want to experiment with Photoshop for free – this is it!! The world’s best digital image editing software is about to get even better. Explore Adobe®…

H-bomb testing at Bikini atoll

The power of social media

I sincerely hope that the reason for sharing this YOU TUBE video with dentists is understood. We are so incredibly fortunate to do what we do.  We are autonomous, even the insanity of…


A challenge to all Canadian CE providers – yu no hoo yu r!!!

I throw this out there as a CHALLENGE TO ALL CANADIAN DENTAL CE PROVIDERS. This particular event in my opinion should be simulcast. In this era of a bazillion materials mixed and matched…

Computer mouse in front of globe

Online education; it’s the bomb! – Visit the site, it’s worth the time…. Double click the image below


Going Paperless

Double click image to view  – Tuesday Feb 28th, 9:a.m. PST WEBINAR – click on link to register.      


Horizontal ridge augmentation – tooth #2.1

You can join or you can check here on occasion for YOUTUBE’s best, I can solicit case reports endlessly or I can join many of the wonderful global discussion forums and find…


Apple iPad: Happy 2nd Birthday

Apple changed the way we think about computing and digital devices–again–when it introduced the iPad tablet in early 2010. Take a look back and a peek ahead.  Take a walk through it’s two…

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Chchchanges – turn and face the changes

Watched a webinar from the ICOI this evening on my iPAD – captured screen shots of the presentation as I watched it – see photos below (sampling).  Increasingly apparent, that whether a simulcast…

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