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Dental Content Optimization and Promotion

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Is your Dental Practice Information Safe Online?

Most independent dental practitioners have their own practice websites, and chances are that you are one of them. Some dentists have installed customized software programs for more effective communication and data storage. Web…

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Content Marketing is Important – Here’s Why


5 Steps to Robust Social Media Marketing Program

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Avoid Negative SEO Tactics to Maintain Website Search Rankings

Search ranking algorithms of leading search engines such as Google and Bing have become highly sophisticated in recent years. It is no longer a wise move to indulge in negative SEO tactics in…

Modern vector template for your business project

5 Ways to Attract New Patients to your Practice

Modern vector template for your business project

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How to Achieve High Rankings in Facebook Search?

With over a billion active monthly users, Facebook continues to be the social media behemoth that is hard to ignore. Small businesses and professionals can leverage the power of Facebook to their marketing…

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Tesla and what we know as a “cavity”

Have you been following what Tesla (Elon Musk) is doing to electricity markets with its new Powerwall battery for your garage? This new technology promises to disrupt the source, distribution and use of…

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Steer Clear of these Common SEO Misconceptions

If search engine optimization (SEO) is not working for you, it may be time to review your SEO strategy. However, you should remember that SEO cannot provide an instant boost to your website…


Jameson Report 2015 Dental Marketing Trends You Need to Know

2015 Dental Marketing Trends You Need to Know By Andrea Walker-Chief Creative Officer & Susanne Kimball, Chief CS Marketing Officer Every year marketing evolves and the rules of the web change. That leaves…

Is your Dental Practice Ready for Digital Transformation?

A majority of large, medium and small organizations as well as professional practices have recognized the importance of digital transformation to stay ahead in the information age. It is time to take a…


Crown for the queen of the jungle

Spectacular dental procedure on a big cat in Denmark: The CEREC CAD/CAM technology was actually developed for humans but was successfully used for the first time on a lioness in a Danish zoo….


Don’t Fear Technology

Technology around the world has grown exponentially over the past century. From the invention of the automobile, to ATMs, and the World Wide Web, technology has made our lives more efficient and has…


BlueLight Analytics Inc. recruited to present its technology to leaders in US Military dental practice

Canadian technology company, BlueLight Analytics Inc., will showcase its proprietary products in a continuing medical education (CME) conference with the leaders in US Military dental practice. The invitation to present at the meeting…

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Operatory Design

In previous articles, we have examined some of the technologies that are part of the digital office, specifically looking at data backup, virus protection, an overview of digital radiography, and monitors. There is…


The “Third” Wheel

As many dentists are well aware, there are numerous integrated technology systems that are part of the modern dental practice. Few will argue that the Practice Management Software (PMS) is the most important…

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