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Tips on How to Interact with Patients Who Have Mental Health, Intellectual, Learning Disabilities or Language/Speech Impairments

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ( AODA) is a law in Ontario that allows the government to develop specific standards of accessibility and to enforce them. Recognizing the history of discrimination…

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5 Ways to Attract New Patients to your Practice

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Core Team Decision Making

Do you have positive influencers in your practice? We continue from last week by considering the strategic type of decision making when implementing change into your practice. Decision Style – Core Team decision…


Great Practice Marketing Is Your Competitive Advantage

“5 Success Factors To Better Compete” For many dental offices, the business year correlates to the calendar year. Here we are at Q4 and it’s time to be strategizing and executing on business…

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Does Your Practice Schedule Run Behind?

Be aware of the little habits that make a big difference.. Below are some common reasons that dental practices run behind. Identify if any apply to your practice and then discuss at the…

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Capture the Brain Power in your Practice

Move great ideas forward….. Ever have a great idea bubbling in your brain that you share with one or two colleagues throughout the day? An idea to minimize tasks, bring new patients to…

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Why You Need a Responsive Web Design for Your Practice Website: Top 5 Advantages of Responsive Web Design (RWD)

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Dental spending is a significant to Canadian employers

Recently, I reviewed the spending on healthcare benefits by a mid-sized Canadian employer. In particular, I looked at the dental plan and the drug plan. Here is what I found: dental spending grew…

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Help your Practice Run Smoothly in 4 Steps

Ensure patient confidence with this post-hygiene system… EVERY DENTIST HAS experienced it: a choppy hygiene report that createschaos, patient confusion and a ripple effect of schedule delays. When it becomes chronic, it has…

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Why Use Social Media for Your Dental Practice

The impact of today’s technology on your business… Social Networking is the dialogue used by one or all of the above to converse, communicate and contribute online. Social networking can re-connect someone with…

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Attitude Required for Collection Calls

How to maintain a good relationship with the patient  Making collection telephone calls is critical for past due amounts that are owed to the practice by the patient. The goal of your collection…

Local SEO Best Practices for Dental Practices

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STOP the Cancellations While you Sleep!

Supporting and Enforcing Your Cancellation Policy..  One the quickest and easiest way to begin supporting your Cancellation Policy is to STOP accepting appointment changes and cancellations to be left with your service or…

3 Time-Saving PR Tips for the Busy Dentist

The digital revolution has ensured that most of the public relations activities are carried out online. It increases the reach dramatically and reduces the costs of a PR exercise to nearly zilch. However,…

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What has chronic kidney disease got to do with building my practice?

Good question. As it turns out, just about everything. Let me tell you why. This week I posted on social media a study linking periodontal disease to chronic kidney disease. The response?  It…


Kerr Asks “What Music Works Best in a Dentist’s Office?”

Kerr Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative dental products, has posted a detailed investigative report about the music heard in dental offices.  The article explores recent trends in what music is played at…

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