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5 Steps to Robust Social Media Marketing Program

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Webinars Can Serve as a Useful Online Dental Marketing Tool

A research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) in 2013 revealed that webinars are the third most effective online marketing tool. Webinars can deliver real-time content and engage the interest of the…

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5 Ways to Attract New Patients to your Practice

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How to Maximize Favorable Visitor Response to your Website?

Your dental website will probably have a call-to-action to encourage visitors to fill a form, leave a comment, or call up your office for an inquiry or appointment. You can try to maximize…

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How to Achieve High Rankings in Facebook Search?

With over a billion active monthly users, Facebook continues to be the social media behemoth that is hard to ignore. Small businesses and professionals can leverage the power of Facebook to their marketing…

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Help your Practice Run Smoothly in 4 Steps

Ensure patient confidence with this post-hygiene system… EVERY DENTIST HAS experienced it: a choppy hygiene report that createschaos, patient confusion and a ripple effect of schedule delays. When it becomes chronic, it has…

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Why Use Social Media for Your Dental Practice

The impact of today’s technology on your business… Social Networking is the dialogue used by one or all of the above to converse, communicate and contribute online. Social networking can re-connect someone with…

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Steer Clear of these Common SEO Misconceptions

If search engine optimization (SEO) is not working for you, it may be time to review your SEO strategy. However, you should remember that SEO cannot provide an instant boost to your website…

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Soaring to New Heights with SCN

I have just returned from the Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) meeting, held June 6th to 9th 2013, in Loveland, Colorado and what an amazing experience! Approximately 200 + dynamic, high energy and enthusiastic…


New Rules of Marketing, Part 2

So, you’re the owner of a dental practice and you are trying to figure out the best steps to get on to Facebook to drive new patients. It can be a daunting task…


World Wide Web

Is Your Website Really Working? The world of websites and online marketing can be confusing. Dentists and their staff often feel like their website could be doing more for them, but aren’t quite…

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Answering Difficult Patient Questions with Great Answers

ANSWERING TOUGH PATIENT QUESTIONS WITH GREAT ANSWERS Why do I have to pay for an examination? In a clinical exam, the doctor diagnoses not just tooth decay and gum disease, but she looks…

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Generate New Patients for Your Dental Practice

Found this website off a Facebook link – interesting content  – Generating a steady flow of new dental patients is critical to the success of your practice. Dental specialists, especially, often depend on…

"A Frenchman in America: In the Footsteps of Alexis de Tocqueville" Discussion at the New York Public Library

Crippled Epistomology

Op-ed piece from an online discussion forum……..worth a read….everything is grist for the mill……….there is method and madness in the concept of a dental knowledge network in Canada. There is no question that…


Canada Still Leads the World in Online Engagement, Report Suggests

Posted by Knowlton Thomas on Fri, March 2, 2012 – in Tech Vibes  Canada continues to lead the world in online enagement, according to new data from comScore. The 2012 Canada Digital Future in Focus…

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SEO, Social Media, External and Internal Marketing

The Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics brings together the Leaders in Social Media, SEO & External/Internal Marketing to give you the latest and most cutting edge marketing strategies. Learn from the industry leaders how Social Media,…

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