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Mid-level dental providers — affordable, accessible dental care for an aging, high risk community

Dental hygienists and therapists have been empowered by legislators in Canada, the UK and increasingly in the US to deliver dental services outside of the dental practice.  There has been a boom in…

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But what about the adults?!

A new American website called End Cavities is actively promoting prevention of dental decay in children. This website is organized by the Children’s Dental Health Project and it is well done and very…

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How To Improve User Experience for Your Dental Practice Website

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Where is dentistry going? A chain of prevention practices.

Three news items crossed my desk in the past month. All seem to point to a future for dentistry which features more specialization around managing the cause of poor oral health. One news…

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Patient Magic Ratio: Part Two

4 ways to enhance patient satisfaction…… Patient communication is more likely to succeed when there are more positive interactions than negative interactions. Luckily, we as humans have a unique ability to turn negative…

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The Next Approach to Dental Benefits

Imagine if you shopped at Walmart and there was only one size of sweater, one variety of milk, or when you went to buy cereal, all it carried was Corn Flakes.And you grumbled…

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The Patient Magic Ratio.. Part One

The key to improving patient satisfaction…… People are porous. They tend to absorb and reflect the atmosphere and motions around them. According to Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, we experience approximately 20,000 individual…

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Is your Dental Practice Information Safe Online?

Most independent dental practitioners have their own practice websites, and chances are that you are one of them. Some dentists have installed customized software programs for more effective communication and data storage. Web…

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Improving outcomes from dental care

American doctors will increasingly be paid according to the outcome of the healthcare services they deliver. Just seeing the patient will no longer be sufficient for payment by the insurer or Medicare/Medicaid. Rather,…

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The emerging paradox in dental care

Paradox = conflicting or contradictory trends. So what might be the paradox in dental services? On the one hand we have this movement to cosmetic care. A recent survey conducted by the American…

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Uber’s Message for Dental Care

The March 3, 2016 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine has a provocative article called “Uber’s message for healthcare”. The thrust of this article is summarized below by the Kaiser Foundation:…

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Are the silos between medicine and dentistry coming down?

Very recently, there have been 2 announcements in the US about training physicians and nurse practitioners to look after oral health problems. The first announcement emanated from the University of California at San…

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Key Phrases for Case Acceptance

Discover the power of the right words……. The vocabulary you use plays a powerful role in whether your patients choose to accept the treatment they need. In Transitions Group’s experience with coaching hundreds…

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Periodontal Health Leads to Lower Health Care Spending by Diabetics

A new study reports that among American individuals newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a periodontal intervention is associated with lower total healthcare costs (-$1799), lower total medical costs excluding pharmacy costs (-$1577),…

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Smarter shopping for dental care — does it really happen?

A new report shows that more user-pay has little influence on comparison shopping for medical care.  Even with “skin in the game” via high-deductible health plans, Americans did not normally seek out cheaper…

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If they can introduce value-based cancer care, is value-based dental care far behind?

A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine summarized various initiatives in the US to improve the delivery of cancer care by examining all procedures (including drugs) for: safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, timeliness,…

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