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Dental spending is a significant to Canadian employers

Recently, I reviewed the spending on healthcare benefits by a mid-sized Canadian employer. In particular, I looked at the dental plan and the drug plan. Here is what I found: dental spending grew…

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The BIG issue: Affordability

A recent survey of American adults found that 1 in 4 did not purchase needed dental care last year, because they couldn’t afford this service. Dentistry was, amongst all healthcare services, the least…

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Predicting who will get sick — just what the patients want

American insurers are now using sophisticated computer algorithms to predict who, amongst their clients, will require early re-admission to hospital or who will have difficulties with their diabetes. For those who are predicted…

Tuesdays with Transitions

Presciption for us ALL!!

This may be habit forming … I have to share the prescription I received last week from my medical doctor upon completion of my annual physical examination. My doctor stated that he was…

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Dental care in the Emergency Department

Treatment of acute dental problems in the Emergency Department of hospitals has been growing relentlessly in Canada and the US for several years. A new study in Health Affairs shows that dental visits…

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Tesla and what we know as a “cavity”

Have you been following what Tesla (Elon Musk) is doing to electricity markets with its new Powerwall battery for your garage? This new technology promises to disrupt the source, distribution and use of…

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Invest 10 Minutes a Day for your Twitter Account

As a busy dentist, it can be very challenging for you to find time to manage your social media networks effectively. The easier way may be to delegate the task to a professional…

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Medical schools are rebooting for the 21st century — what about dental schools?

I am always amazed when I visit the U of T dental school that the biggest room ever is dedicated to drilling and filling. Seemingly hundreds of chairs over which are bent hundreds…

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Looking for Parkinson’s and dental decay sooner

A new study found that Parkinson’s patients have up to 10 times more untreated decay than a healthy peer. And they live in the community on average for 15 years before being institutionalized….

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Where You Read – Dr. Daniel Lee

Attached are 2 photos of our recent annual trip in January 2015 to Quesada, Guatemala. This is part of an official Canadian charity (12+ yrs going) called Health Outreach (founded by Dr. Tim…

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My community’s struggle to access dental care

My community newspaper recently featured a story about an overload of patients visiting a non-profit community dental clinic. The irony of this story is that most dentists in my community have fewer and…

Oral Health Booth at US Pavilion

Oral Health Group at IDS 2015

Oral Health Group had the opportunity to participate in the US Pavilion at IDS 2015 which took place in Cologne, Germany. Be sure to look out for the next IDS – the 37th International Dental…

Delivering an optimized mobile experience

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Dental wellness or else!

American companies are getting tough on disease. Increasingly, they incent their employees to participate in wellness programs by connecting healthy behavior to lower cost healthcare insurance. In some cases, poor health behavior leads…

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Taking a page from the shingles vaccine

The shingles vaccine provides a good model for a new kind of dental care which is emerging to better serve an older, more knowledgeable and sicker population. The shingles vaccine is indicated for…

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Will OHIP pay for hygiene services?

Recently, I received a petition by nurses and hygienists which argued for OHIP payment for hygiene services. It seems the petition was started by nurses who were frustrated with the growing demands of…

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