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Dental Care for Your Mom

Two new studies involving older people, show that the following chronic diseases significantly increase the odds of dental decay: cardiovascular disease, rheumatic disease, mood disorders and eating disorders. The connection between diseases, is…

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Changing expectations for dentistry

Are you getting the sense like me, that the expectations for family dental care are changing?  It seems every week we learn from good scientific studies that good oral health is an independent…

Tuesdays with Transitions

Do Your Patients Own Their Oral Health?

Help patients say “yes” to the treatment they need…. How would it be if all our patients accepted our treatment recommendations without having to be pressured, without stress or rejection? Why do dental…

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Bigger Patients — Bigger Problems

“People today are about 10 percent heavier than people were in the 1980s, even if they follow the exact same diet and exercise plans.” This was a disturbing conclusion of a recent study…


5 Steps to Robust Social Media Marketing Program

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Crohn’s, Colitis, Cavities and Crowns

As the population ages and science marches on, we are seeing significant connections between chronic diseases. One big one is diabetes and dental decay — diabetes increases the risk of having oral health…


Are you taking Advantage of Adaptive Content?

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Does My Insurance Cover It?

The number one reason patients do not accept treatment plans is lack of perceived value; how the dental treatment plan or recommendations will relate to them or their individual health goals. The lack…

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Gum disease and high blood pressure

A new, 3-year prospective Japanese study involving over 2500 university students (mean age of 18 years at baseline) examined various risk factors for the emergence of high blood pressure (hypertension). The study found…

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Getting ready for the grey hairs

“British Columbia’s population now has 31 people 65 years old or over for every 100 working-age persons. In a decade, the ratio will be 41 to 100. Ten years later, in 2035, the…

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The foundation for all success, growth, progress and momentum….

As the old saying goes; “If you’re not growing, you are dying”. Constant and never-ending progress is the root cause of all success and fulfillment. The one percent of the population who succeed…

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Treating gum disease with antibiotics

As gum disease originates from an unbalanced film of bacteria under the gum line, why don’t we use local or systemic antibiotics to treat this chronic disease? Turns out that is what the…

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Feeling Blue and Then Getting Cavities

Drugs to relieve mood disorders (depression, anxiety) are the most prescribed medications for Canadians in their 30s, 40s and 50s, according to data published by Green Shield Canada. An American study published in…

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5 Ways to Attract New Patients to your Practice

Modern vector template for your business project

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What your patients are reading!

What follows are excerpts from popular article in a leading international newspaper called the Guardian. This article shows how and why your older patients are now more informed about their oral health, and…


Great Practice Marketing Is Your Competitive Advantage

“5 Success Factors To Better Compete” For many dental offices, the business year correlates to the calendar year. Here we are at Q4 and it’s time to be strategizing and executing on business…

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