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Decay assessment and prevention
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A Medical Approach to Preventing Cavities

New studies are identifying the key microbes and their interactions which cause a cavity. Essentially, we now know that dental decay is a “poly-microbial disease”, meaning the destruction of the tooth is caused…

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An Upset Tummy, and Some Upset Teeth

In his popular new book “Happy Gut,” Dr. Vincent Pedre argues that chronic health problems can often be traced to the digestive system and fixed by changing the microbes in our gut. An…

blue chains of bacteria which are Streptococcus mutans

What’s on your teeth, may be in your heart

A new study in the journal Medicine reports that the bacteria initiating dental decay is also found on the heart valves of patients with heart disease. Nothing new here. Other studies have shown…

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Identifying high risk adults for more preventive care

A new review of dental studies found that traditional risk factors for caries in adults are wanting in terms of accuracy. The best conventional predictors are recent experience with this disease and salivary…

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The persistence of high dental spending

More studies are showing that a small segment of the community needs medical care on an ongoing basis.  This pattern is called persistent care and it seems to be associated to those with more…

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Crohn’s, Colitis, Cavities and Crowns

As the population ages and science marches on, we are seeing significant connections between chronic diseases. One big one is diabetes and dental decay — diabetes increases the risk of having oral health…

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Blaming the victim versus looking in the mirror

A new report on early childhood caries in the UK shows how serious this disease really is: •Tooth extraction, mainly under General Anaesthesia (GA), is the main reason for hospital admissions of 5–9…

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Looking for Parkinson’s and dental decay sooner

A new study found that Parkinson’s patients have up to 10 times more untreated decay than a healthy peer. And they live in the community on average for 15 years before being institutionalized….

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Can we predict dental decay? Yes!

A new study of middle aged adults in America reports that over 18 months, low risk adults got very little to no decay and high risk adults got between 2 and 3 new…

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“I am prepared to go elsewhere for more preventive care”

This statement concluded an e-mail from a manager of  dental benefits at a Canadian company. It shows the commitment by patients to reach a state of better oral health. This same sentiment has…

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay may prohibit growth in children

Tooth decay may be even worse than originally thought.Sadly, dental caries (cavities) in young children is commonly untreated. In addition to causing damage and loss of teeth, a new study has found that…

Menopause and Dental Decay

Surveys of adult patients in the waiting rooms of UK and Ontario dental practices show that almost half are age 50+.  That means that 1 in 4 patients are women entering or experiencing…

Red Carpet

What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!

Fluorescence mainly an adjunct for occlusal caries detection By Kathy Kincade, Editor in Chief DrBicuspid – April 2, 2012 — While fluorescence-based caries detection devices have been shown to offer clinical decision-making support, visual inspection should continue…


Clog – Controlled dentin preparation with Smart Bur 2

by George Freedman DDS, FAACD, FADFE, FACD 1. The excavation of deep decay with a metal carbide bur carries the risk of not only removing infected dentin, but also unintentionally cutting away affected…


Dried Licorice Root Fights Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

From WebDental – Dr. Carey Feuerman – January 14, 2012 Scientists are reporting identification of two substances in licorice — used extensively in Chinese traditional medicine — that kill the major bacteria responsible…

Illustration of Toothpaste

Formulated with Edible Clay, New Advanced Gum Healing Mineral Toothpaste Introduced

From Cosmetic Dentistry News It goes without saying that some enterprising marketer will put this material in Play-Doh and plastercine (do they still manufacture plactercine?)… Zion Health, a San Francisco-based company specializing in…

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