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Partners In Prevention 1

“Hygienists treating cavities is something to smile about!”

This was a recent headline in the Los Angeles Times. The article outlines a new California law that authorizes dental hygienists to treat cavities without a dentist on site by placing low-cost, temporary…

What Dentists Need to Know About Employee Handbooks

There are many dental employers who mistakenly believe that by providing a new Employee Handbook and a signed acknowledgement form is the same as a new employee-employer contract or agreement. Dentists should realize…

Partners In Prevention 1

Does Your Practice Schedule Run Behind?

Be aware of the little habits that make a big difference.. Below are some common reasons that dental practices run behind. Identify if any apply to your practice and then discuss at the…

Partners In Prevention 1

Diabetes, hypertension and the need for more preventive dental care

As many as 1 in 4 older Canadians are diabetic, or in danger of this chronic disease. Likewise, more than 1 in 4 older Canadians have high blood pressure. The overlap of these…

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