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Partners In Prevention 1

The dentist called Dr. Facebook

A survey about how Americans prefer to access their healthcare providers shows a gap between what the community wants and what the healthcare providers offer. Most patients want digital access to healthcare advice,says…

Tuesdays with Transitions

Tips to Motivate your Employees

What are the top 10 tips? Tip #1: Act as a role model and inspire employees to identify what they are passionate about at work. Then provide them with some projects in their…

EKWA Marketing

Measuring Results of your Content Marketing Efforts

While you make online content marketing efforts to promote your dental practice, it is also important to assess where your marketing campaign is going and what kind of an impact it is making…

Partners In Prevention 1

The BIG issue: Affordability

A recent survey of American adults found that 1 in 4 did not purchase needed dental care last year, because they couldn’t afford this service. Dentistry was, amongst all healthcare services, the least…

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