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Cancer and dental decay

A new Swedish study appearing in the Journal of Cancer reports that missing teeth are a significant predictor of cancer. For 24 years, the study followed periodontally-healthy adults who were between ages 30…


The Secret To High Performing Teams Revealed!

Do you ever wonder why your team isn’t performing at the level you envisioned?  No matter what you do it seems as if there’s a missing piece to the ‘perfect team’ formula.  With…

Gum Guardians

The Gum Guardians believe dental professionals can be perceived as “healers” rather than “cleaners” by using  9 questions to guide their patient discussions. By initiating conversations with patients during dental visits that reinforce…

What are you putting on your teeth?

Dentist puts the squeeze on toothpaste hype New York, NY -  When you go to your local drugstore, there is a dizzying array of options to choose from when it comes to selecting…

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