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Partners In Prevention 1

“longer life in retirement – but more ill-health”

Such is the future of the British population and that in Canada too. The UK prognosticators now say: Newly retired men in the UK can expect to live more than two years longer…

Cavities and atherosclerosis

From my perch, the research studies linking periodontal disease to systemic health are more robust and more frequent than their counterparts in tooth decay. There may be good biological reasons for this but…

Partners In Prevention 1

Affordability and dental incomes

A recent article in the New York Times resurrected an old chestnut: the affordability of dental care in an aging population. Have a look below at how the NY Times’ cartoonist sees this…

3 Time-Saving PR Tips for the Busy Dentist

The digital revolution has ensured that most of the public relations activities are carried out online. It increases the reach dramatically and reduces the costs of a PR exercise to nearly zilch. However,…

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